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                                                                            To provide authentic learning as well as
            Drawing a portrait of their friends                             exposure to local artists and art works, the
                                                                            Museum-based  learning  to  the  National
                                                                            Gallery of Singapore forms part of the art
                                             Enacting a scene in an artwork
                                                                            education curriculum for the Primary 4
                                                                            students. As students go through this
                                                                            experience, they learn to apply their critical
                                                                            inquiry  skills,  hence  deepening  their
                                                                            observation and questioning skills. Navigating
                                                                            through the gallery, they also practise museum
                                                                            etiquette and appreciation for art.

             Listening attentively to the docent

                                                 Engrossed in learning


       The Eco-Literacy Programme promotes experiential
       and discovery learning, creative and critical thinking
       skills in students via an inter-disciplinary approach
       that encroaches on English, Environment Education,
       CCE and Art. Students collaborate with River Valley
       High School (RVHS) to explore and discover the
       environment around them, and apply their learning
       to the real world context.                            Discovering food sustainability
                                                                  with RV tutors
                                                                                               Applying learning
                                                                                                with RV tutors

                                                                         Touring edible garden at RV

                                       Making blue pea flower drink

              Let’s try the
            blue pea flower tea!

                                                                                  Discovering the edible garden at RV

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