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LEARNING                                             In the words of Takeda Shingen, “Knowledge is not power, it
                                                              is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power.
                                                              Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is
         BEYOND THE                                           wisdom!” In line with our motto, Wisdom and Grace, we
                                                              want to inspire our students to use the knowledge that they
                                                              have gained wisely, and well, so that they can be active
         CLASSROOM                                            contributors wherever they are.



       Food! Food! Everywhere!
       But let’s do our part to save the earth!             My message                 Students trying their hands
                                                                                          at potting a plant
       Students in Primary 2 were taught the
       importance of food sustainability. A learning
       journey to the Bollywood Farms was planned.
       Using the 5-I Innovation Model, students also
       learnt empathy and how to spread the
       message of No Food Waste. They were also
       introduced to decomposition through the
       hands-on vermin composting activity.

                                                                             Worms, anyone?     Our final product
       PROGRAMME FOR                               What I’ve learnt


       After 2 years of hiatus, our Primary 1 and 2 students were  nally able
       to go on a learning journey to River  Wonders and Jurong Lake
       Gardens, respectively.

       For the Primary 1 students, as part of the Visual Art Module, the trip
       to River Wonders helped our students gain a stronger connection
       with nature and learn more about animals and their habitats. For the
       Primary 2 students, the trip to Jurong Lake Gardens allowed them to     P1C’s visit to River Wonders to learn more
       practice outdoor & safety skills. Most of all, they had fun and learned   about Panda Jie Jie, Kai Kai and baby Le Le.
       to work as a team!

                                         P2 students applied the rules of
                                        playing safely at the playground.
                                                                                  P2 students learnt to take turns even
                                                                                 when they were playing at the playground.

        P1 students were curious to learn
      about different species of fish found
              in River Wonders.
                                                 Working as a team to help one another                         07
                                                  to find the way to their destination.
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