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DEVELOPING                                                  To prepare our students to be future-ready, we
                                                                     make an intentional e ort to provide them with
                                                                     authentic and relevant learning experiences,
         FUTURE READY                                                introduce various thinking routines at every level,
                                                                     and provide them with the opportunities to harness
                                                                     ICT in their learning. These experiences and skills
         STUDENTS                                                    are taught as a whole school approach. In this
                                                                     section, we take a closer look at how various
                                                                     departments infuse these into the curriculum.


       Primary 3 English Workshop on Unusual Plants

       In one of the English STELLAR units on Unusual Plants,
       the  English  department  organized  a  workshop  to
       introduce students to di erent types of carnivorous
       plants. The founder of SGVenusFlytrap, Mr Darren Ng,
       also shared his research journey, with resilience being
       the key factor to his success. Students got a chance to
       feel and touch the 3 di erent categories of carnivorous
       plants. Students had a great time of learning!

                                                                          Primary 4 English Learning Festival

                                                                          An online learning festival for the Primary 4
                                                                          students was organised to enhance their
                                                                          engagement in learning, as well as to ignite in
                                                                          them a love for the English Language.



       Games Oriented Learning and
       Development (GOLD) Recess
       Activity                                                                         Appreciating our students'
                                                                                         efforts with little tokens
       Recess GOLD Activities are back            P1 students practised on addition and
       in action! Students applied Math           subtraction facts by competing against
       facts  and  reinforced  their                        each other
       Mathematical concepts through
       a series of games.

                                                Engaging students in the Math game

                                                                                           Practising Decimals
                                                                                            through a game
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