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       & PASSION

       Teachers are key in shaping the future, and they are
       the bedrock of all learning that takes place at West
       Grove.  To stay true to our purpose and passion,
       teachers continue to learn from others and from one
       another. Every  student is unique, with  di erent
       learning  styles  and  interests.  Di erentiating
       instructions in the classroom is our key learning area.
       Our teachers continue to commit e ort and time to
       build our skills and competency in this area.


       ACTIVITIES                                  Part of bonding is to  nd something in common. In West Grove, teachers
                                                   bond through Colours. Hence, dress up days are exciting and something we
                                                   at WGPS look forward to. Colour Me Wednesdays allow us to be creative in
                                                   how we display our colours on top of displaying our unity and team spirit.

             Colour me Yellow                                  Hari Raya - Colour me Green

                                                                            Teachers’ Day
                 Minion invasion
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