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         Education goes beyond imparting knowledge and skills.   and do.  Look at Nick Vujicic, an Australian-American born
         Students  must  be  imbued  with  the  right  values  and   without arms or legs. He is now a world-renowned speaker,
         character so that they can impact society positively.  New York Times best-selling author, coach and
                                                               entrepreneur.  Nick persevered through life’s challenges
         There is this Chinese saying “ტҌ༵ტದ ტದ༵ტ֣”.           and discovered key principles which enabled him to  nd his
         Translated it means “to nurture a talent one must develop   purpose and turn obstacles into opportunities. His physical
         one’s character and to develop one’s character, one must   disabilities did not stop him from believing in himself or
         instil values”. These words highlight the importance of   limit him from encouraging and inspiring others. Millions of
         character building.  Our children are our treasured future   people have found hope, purpose and  the  strength to
         and it is important for all of them, regardless of how   overcome their challenges through Nick’s inspirational
         di erent they are, to learn a set of values that is bene cial to   speeches and powerful coaching.
         themselves and society.  As educators, we are responsible
         for every child who passes through our hands to bring out   I encourage our West Grovians to BELIEVE in themselves
         the best in them.                                     and their worth. Do not under-estimate your capabilities.
                                                               Always believe that every child is a star in its own light, with
         It is important for children to believe in themselves.   unique strengths, abilities and talents.
         Believing in oneself means having the con dence in your
         own abilities and trusting yourself to do something within   Mdm Audrey Tay
         your ability. When you believe  in yourself, you can   Vice-Principal Administration
         overcome self-doubt and have the con dence to get things
         done.  Having a positive mindset and can-do spirit help us
         overcome life challenges. The mind is our most powerful
         tool. It literally has the power to control the way we feel, act

         What if everyone of us can achieve our dreams, our    Disneyland, which is still popular today in many countries
         aspirations?  How would  that  look  like for  you  and  me?   around the world.
         Nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves and adopt a
         positive mindset. No dream is too small or unimportant –   “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue
         dream to be a dancer, to be a  re  ghter, to travel around   them.” ~ Walt Disney*
         the world and many more.
                                                               As West Grove Primary continues to ride the waves, we will
         Dreams give us hope and motivate us positively. With self-   continue to provide our students a vast of learning
         belief, responsibility, determination, and support from   opportunities and motivate them to discover their
         people around us, our aspirations can come true.      strengths and talents. We believe that our students have the
                                                               ability and heart to pursue their interests and hopefully,
         Walter Elias Disney – He was the man who created Disney   their dreams and their aspirations will come true.
         animations such as Mickey Mouse, and Snow White and the
         Seven Dwarves. He pursued his love for drawings by    For you students, what is your dream? Share it with your
         equipping himself with the knowledge and skills through   family, teachers, and friends.
         attending classes and drew many pictures and animations
         and dreamed big. He dreamed to open a theme park where   * Walt Disney was an American motion picture and television producer and
         parents and children could have fun together, and his   showman, famous as a pioneer of cartoon  lms.
         animated characters came ‘alive’. He faced various obstacles
         to achieve his dream. He never gave up; he was determined,   Mdm Siti Rashidah
         and he persevered. In the end, he managed to build    Vice-Principal Academic

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