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       The school would like to sincerely thank Mr. Jason Lim for his
       contributions as Chairperson of the Parent Support Group
       (PSG) since 2021. Mr. Lim joined PSG in 2017 and
       subsequently served in the committee.  Through his
       leadership, the Parent Support Group has grown in strength
       and has constantly provided support for activities
       conducted by the school.

       At the same time, the school warmly welcomes Ms. Phyllis
       Rangeeta who will take up the role of PSG chairperson in   PSG distributing care packs to our
       2023. The school looks forward to partnering with her and   P6 students to wish them well for PSLE
       her team of PSG members for the success  of West Grove
                                                                                          PSG Chairperson, Mr. Jason Lim,
                                                                                       with our Vice Principal Mdm. Audrey Tay
       If you would like to join the WGPS Parent Support Group,
       please  visit  our  school  website  -  Parents/Parent  Support
       Group (PSG) for the registration form. You may also scan the
       QR code to join their Facebook Page to get the latest

                                                                    Ms. Phyllis Rangeetha,
                                                                  PSG Chairperson 2023-2024      PSG FB

                   SPECIAL PROGRAMMES

       In August, West Grove was invited to participate in a ‘Google
       for Singapore’ event where the Google Online Safety Park
       was launched. Mr Nadzri and Ethan Ang had the
       opportunity to engage with Deputy Prime Minister
       Lawrence  Wong and shared about  West Grove’s Cyber
       Wellness initiatives and programmes.                     Students practicing how to create a
                                                            Strong Password on the Google Online Safety Bus
       Our school was the ‘Online Safety Park’s’  rst stop. Cyber   for Google's "Be Internet Awesome" campaign
       Wellness recess activities were carried out in conjunction
       with this visit. Through hands on activities, students learned
       and practiced how to navigate the internet safely and be
       con dent online explorers.

                                                             Mr Nadzri and Ethan, sharing about Cyber Wellness
                                                             in West Grove with Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence
                                                              Wong at Google for Singapore where Google's
                                                                   Online Safety Park was launched

                       Students redeeming a token after completing the
                        stations and reflecting on one thing they have
                          learnt on the theme "Be Internet Smart,
                              Alert, Strong, Kind and Brave"

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