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                The Student Leaders in West Grove Primary School have been selected based on their strengths as well as
                their passion and interests in Leadership. To prepare our Student Leaders to take on this demanding role,
                they have undergone Student Leadership workshops to build their skillset and enable them to become more
                e ective in carrying out their duties. These Student Leadership workshops are centred on graciousness
                which is the focus of the Learning For Life Programme (LLP). Our student leaders learned how to discharge
                their duties with con dence and empathy, paving the way for them to become leaders with graciousness.

                 Prefects overseeing student discipline at Playground  National Day Observance Ceremony 2022
                                                                           Participation in Nanyang CC

                       Prefects patrolling at Ecopond during recess         Prefects overseeing student movement
                                                                                outside classroom corridors

          ESTABLISHING                                             Parents and the community organisations play an
                                                                   important role in our students’ education.  They
                                                                   support us in our activities as well as provide valuable
          PARTNERSHIP                                              opportunities for our students to be engaged in
                                                                   enriching programmes.

       NANYANG 57              TH


       On 7 August (Sunday) at Nanyang
       Hardcourt, our school took part in the
       Nanyang 57th National Day Carnival that        NE Ambassadors               PSG volunteers and West Grove Teachers
       was organised by Nanyang CC.

       Our senior and junior Ukulele Club
       members performed two local folk songs
       for Nanyang residents. In addition,  fty of
       our school’s  National Education (NE)
       Ambassadors  and  Prefects  took  part  in
       the National Day Observance Ceremony.
       Our teachers and Parent Support Group
       members were on hand to ensure that
       our students were safe.
                                                  Taking the pledge during the               Ukulele Club
                                                 National Day Observance Ceremony

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