Page 13 - West Grove Primary Newsletter 2022
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       What would a student say was the highlight of his
       primary school life? There  may  be several, but the P5
       School Camp at the Sarimbun Scout Camp from 6 to 8
       July 2022 will certainly be the one most cherished.
       It would be a many ‘ rsts’ for these 11-year-olds when
       they came to the P5 School Camp. First time spending
       the night away from mum and dad;  rst time sleeping in
       a dormitory or an A-Hut and for many, a  rst time inside
       a pond. All these experiences have de nitely made
       primary school life exciting and unforgettable.     Hey! What happened to our raft?
                                                               How can we improve it?

                                                                                     Commitment by all to “transport”
                                                                                     the ping pong across the “bridge”

                                                                 The phrase is partially
        Thank you, Teachers and Facilitators!                    covered by the picture

                                                                                      This is how we build our raft
                                    Cooking under the sky! We can’t wait
                                     to taste the grilled chicken and corn.


       All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Hence the P6
       June Study Camp this year was not all study and work; it
       incorporated di erent components that aimed to build a
       spirit of collegiality, as well as stronger teacher-student
       and peer relationships. One of these components was
       Dragonboat Rowing, held at the Kallang River.  This
       activity helped students to develop resilience and
       teamwork. They certainly had lots of fun while learning a
       new skill!

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