Page 12 - West Grove Primary Newsletter 2022
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       The Memory Lane is open! After a two-year hiatus the
       students were welcomed to the Memory Lane with
       games and photo taking.  The games introduced
       students to various street names in Singapore. In
       addition, students tested their knowledge on traditional
       games and food at various booths. Members of the PSG
       also pitched in to help with the recess activity. What a
       burst of activities!


       To inculcate a sense of responsibility towards school and
       home, West Grovians embarked on the VIA@School in
       Semester 1 and 2 and VIA@Home in term 3. Besides that,
       as a school-wide e ort to nurture students to be
       stewards of the environment, our students have taken
       part in the following initiatives:  Clean Up for South
       West!  2022 ‘Trash   for   Groceries’  Recycling
       Programme & Climate Change Week by The Ministry
       of Sustainability and the Environment.

                                                                    Our student contributing
                                                                   unwanted clothes for Trash
                                                                      for Groceries initiative

          Mdm Ong shared on the Padlet
        that she has a recycling bin at home

                                                            West Grovians sharing about their sustainability acts on padlet
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