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                                 & CITIZENSHIP

                              We hope that our students will be able to navigate their future founded on
                           sound values. Hence, developing students with strong values and a greater sense
                                 of national identity is an integral part of our purpose in West Grove.


       Finally, after 2 years of virtual celebrations, students had
       the  opportunity  to  physically  celebrate  National  Day
       once again on 8 August!  The air was  lled with
       excitement as students got  together to celebrate
       through fun- lled and meaningful activities. This year’s
       theme,  “Stronger  Together, Majulah!”, calls for all
       Singaporeans to forge ahead as a  united and strong      National Day Observance Ceremony
       people towards a better future. It also reminds us that
       unity in our diversity is what makes us stronger.

                                                                                            Pre-National Day Activities
                                                                                          at the Memory Lane conducted
                                                                                              by NE Ambassasors

                 Our school’s Dance Troupe enthralling their  P6 students all decked out in costumes
                  audience with a contemporary dance piece  made out of recyclable materials inspired by
                    depicting unity through diversity.
                                                         a popular local folktale, Badang

       NE SHOW

       We are out! The Primary 5 students had a blast at their
        rst ever cohort outing of the year.  Teachers and
       students waved their  ags proudly and sang their hearts
       out during the parade at the Marina Bay Platform. What
       a great way to go for the nation!

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