Page 10 - West Grove Primary Newsletter 2022
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       Can’t go outbound? No worries!  With
       technology, overseas immersion is possible!
       Our Chinese Language (CL) & Tamil Language
       (TL) students interacted virtually with students
       from Lushan International Experimental
       School  (Hunan,   China)  and   Brilliant
       Matriculation  Higher  Secondary  School
       (Tamilnadu, India) respectively. Students
       shared their cultures with each other and
       friendships were forged.                                                           Virtual Interaction With
                                                                                           Our Overseas Friends
                                                      Presenting To Our Overseas Friends

                Virtual Exchange with Brilliant Matriculation Higher Sec    Presenting To Our Overseas Friends
                                                                                  On Spore Festivals


       To promote the joy of learning, teachers from the Science
       Department worked together to design an innovative
       and novel way to assess students' understanding of
       scienti c concepts -- our very own West Grove "Science
       Escape Room Challenge". This provides students from the
       Primary 5 and 6 the opportunities to work together with
       their classmates to crack codes and obtain clues. They did
       this by solving puzzles and riddles. They might also be
       required to conduct Science experiments that required
       them to think critically, problem-solve, and troubleshoot
       to "escape" a room before the clock runs out.  The
       students enjoyed the challenge and also learned soft   Working closely together to solve
       skills such as time management and teamwork.         the puzzle on Adaptations
                                                              of animals and plants       Using fluorescent UV torch
                                                                                           to seek for hidden clues

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